We are an expert non-governmental organization associating lawyers and specializing in anti-discrimination measures. We work in cooperation with a network of national and international organizations.

We display anti-discrimination legal standards at the level of the enactment and the application of the law, and we are permanently present in the public debate concerning equality.

We act professionally and with commitment both in the country and abroad through: legal guidance and litigation, the monitoring of the performance of the state, and anti-discrimination education.

We coordinate a complex nationwide network of pro bono lawyers.

The Statute of Polish Society
of Antidiscrimination Law

Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law (PSAL) was established in 2007 and brings together a range of Polish law practitioners, policy experts, lawyers of Polish human rights NGOs and academics interested in promotion and improving anti-discrimination legislation.

The main activities of PSAL are:

  • academic research in the field of equality law
  • comparative legal analysis
  • legal assistance and advices for those who face discrimination on the ground of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion/belief, race and ethnic origin
  • strategic litigation to ensure and achieve equality on the highest possible level
  • promotion of national, international and EU equality legislation
  • ensuring social cohesion and progress as well as peaceful development

PSAL Board Members

Krzysztof Smiszek – PSAL President. He gained his knowledge of discrimination law during his work (2003-2005) as a lawyer of national equality institution (Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Status for Women and Men). Since 2002 involved in legal counseling and promotional activities within nationwide Polish LGBT organization Campaign Against Homophobia. From 2008 to 2010 he worked in Brussels as a Policy Officer and Policy Coordinator for EQUINET-European Network of Equality Bodies. Expert in sexual orientation and gender discrimination. Since 2011 he works at University of Warsaw, Human Rights Chair, Faculty od Law and Administration.

Karolina Kedziora – PSAL Deputy President, barrister, specializing in litigation before the European Court of Human Rights, anti-discrimination law trainer, expert in gender and disability discrimination. Prior to her involvement in PSAL she worked as a legal adviser for Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.