Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law

PSAL’s Mission

The Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law (PSAL) was established on the 9th of December 2006, and brings together a range of Polish law practitioners, policy experts, lawyers of Polish human rights NGOs and academics interested in promoting and improving anti-discrimination legislation.
The main areas of PSAL’s activity are:

  • academic research in the field of equality law;
  • comparative legal analysis;
  • legal assistance and advice for those who face discrimination on the ground of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion/belief, race and ethnic origin;
  • strategic litigation to ensure and achieve equality on the highest possible level;
  • promotion of national, international and EU equality legislation;
  • ensuring social cohesion and progress as well as peaceful development;
  • activity in terms of the promoting and the protection of human rights;
  • actions in terms of promoting initiatives aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust and respect for people of different religions, cultures and viewpoints.

PSAL’s activities have focused mostly around 5 major areas, mainly including building pro-bono cooperation between NGOs and lawyers bar associations, creating a Coalition for equal chances leadership, monitoring of antidiscrimination legislation, human rights advocacy and legal aid and strategic litigation.

Legal aid
From the very beginning of our activity we continue to provide legal aid and are engaged in strategic litigation. Persons who have experienced any form of discrimination can at any time gain access to professional lawyers and experts in the field of antidiscrimination law. Apart from individual cases, we also provide help for NGOs which are targeted because of the activities they uptake in terms of the protection of human rights etc.  

Coalition for equal chances

This project’s main objective is the enablement of uptaking joint actions by over 70 Non-governmental Organizations which are active in terms of implementing and developing equality-promoting and antidiscrimination law. The Coalition also presents the united organizations’ concerns and viewpoints.
The project is currently financed by    Open Society Foundation Funds.

Pro Bono Programme

PSAL began its Pro Bono Programme in 2012, which concentrates on developing cooperation with professional lawyers – attorneys, counsellors, as well as legal trainees, who take on PSAL’s clients’ cases free of charge.
The Pro Bono Programme is developing thanks to the activity of over 50 lawyers countrywide.


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